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Divorce is an all too common occurrence these days. Everyone has heard the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

As such it has become a large and complicated legal process. Add to that the heightened emotion that comes with a divorce and it can be a lengthy and sometimes brutal process.
Florida is a no fault divorce case. This means that one does not need a specific reason to get divorce. When one party simply no longer wishes to be married, they are permitted to file for divorce. In addition, since it is a no fault state, the bad actions of one of the parities usually has no bearing on the case. For example if one spouse has an affair, that will likely have no bearing on issues involving property settlement or child visitation. The courts do not engage in determining who the morally superior party is.

However, an experienced dedicated lawyer can help you navigate the system and get you what you truly deserve from the process. Whether the issues are child custody, property settlement, or alimony, the right attorneys can make sure the process is fair and help reach a just conclusion, and allow you to move forward with your life.

Divorces can also be quick and easy depending on the circumstances. Often, if the parties can agree on all of the issues, we can draft a marital settlement agreement to be signed by all parties. This would not require any lengthy legal process and can oftentimes be concluded rather quickly. This can be a beneficially financial alternative to a disputed divorce. We offer a free consultation to come and discuss your case and determine the best way to proceed for your given situation.

Family Law



When parents get divorced the courts will determine what happens with any minor children through the divorce process.


Child Visitation and Support, Alimony

Without a doubt the most emotional and sometimes complicated area of family law is child visitation. People will commonly refer to it as custody, however Florida does not use that term.


Domestic Injunction

Like all states Florida has a process for people to obtain injunctions for protection from violence. They are often referred to as restraining orders, but in Florida the legal term is Injunction for Protection.


Family Law

Divorce? Child custody? Child support? Injunctions? We Can Help. Family law matters can be the most stressful and emotional experience in people's lives.

Defending Your Investment

Business Law

Touble collecting from a client? Dispute with a partner? I have extensive experience guiding business owners through difficult times.

Protecting Your Rights

Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges? Been arrested? Worried about a possible investigation? Coyne Law can help. Attorney Whitney Coyne is experienced with all criminal matters.

Fighting for You

Traffic Citations

One of the most common interactions people have with law enforcement is the traffic ticket. These include speeding, running a red light, careless driving causing an accident and more.