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Without a doubt the most emotional and sometimes complicated area of family law is child visitation. People will commonly refer to it as custody, however Florida does not use that term.

In Florida it called time-sharing and or visitation.

When people file for divorce and they have minor children, one of the first things that needs to be established is a temporary parenting plan. It is important for the children to have continued contact with both parents during the divorce process. In fact, there is a standard court order that is filed in every family law cases ordering the parties to continue to foster a relationship with both parents. This includes visitation, communication, and not disparaging the other parent. Unless there is some sort of extreme circumstance, such as one parent being in jail or accusations of abuse toward the children, the courts will require the parties cooperate with parenting.

Through the divorce process the parents will either agree to a parenting plan, or the court will order one upon finalizing the divorce. Parenting plans do not just include visitation, they encompass all aspects of child raising including schooling, religion, holidays, vacations, medical needs and extra-curricular activities.

Child support will also be dealt with in the divorce proceedings. Child support is simply a mathematical formula based on the party’s individual income and the number of overnights in the parenting plan. The numbers are plugged into a child support calculator and the amount is determined. It is not generally a negotiable amount as it is solely based on the formula.

This is different from spousal support or alimony, which is not based on a formula but is based on equity and fairness. The Court has the authority to order alimony based on many factors including but not limited to; duration of the marriage, financial income of both parties, the circumstances surrounding the marital duties (such as being a stay at home parent versus working), education, and earning potential. After reviewing all of the factors the court will determine if there is a need for alimony and an ability to pay.

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Domestic Injunction

Like all states Florida has a process for people to obtain injunctions for protection from violence. They are often referred to as restraining orders, but in Florida the legal term is Injunction for Protection.



When parents get divorced the courts will determine what happens with any minor children through the divorce process.



Divorce is an all too common occurrence these days. Everyone has heard the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.


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