Prescription Drug Charges

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Prescription drug charges are an all too common problem in society today. Someone with no criminal history or intent to violate the law finds themselves facing serious criminal charges due to a prescription drug addiction. 

From everyday folks to famous athletes, it’s all too easy for someone to sustain an injury and become addicted to the legal prescription drugs they were given by their doctor.

The addiction can lead to falsifying prescriptions, stealing medication, and frequenting pain clinics to deceive doctors about injuries. This area has become an ever growing law enforcement issue. All of the local agencies are vigorously investigating and prosecuting these individuals and the doctors who provide them with the prescription.

It is no longer even enough to provide a copy of a valid prescription to the prosecutor. They now require you to allow them access to your medical records to make sure you needed the prescriptions in the first place.

It is now more important than ever to have experienced local attorneys who know the tactics of local law enforcement, the practices of the prosecutors’ office, and the sentencing habits of the Judges. There are many alternative resolutions for these types of cases, ranging from drug court to residential or out-patient treatment. I will work diligently to get the best resolution for your case to make sure you do not suffer serious consequences and that your rights are protected.

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