Drug Trafficking

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Drug trafficking can be a confusing charge for many people to understand. According to Florida Statutes a trafficking charge is simply based on the weight of the controlled substance.

For example, should you be caught with a baggie of a controlled substance, depending on how much that substance weighs, you could either be looking at simple possession or trafficking. Using cocaine as an example, here is how it breaks down in the statute:

- Less than 28 grams-Third degree felony with most likely probation;
- 28-200 grams-Trafficking with mandatory 3 years in prison;
- 200-400 Grams-Trafficking with mandatory 7 years in prison;
- 400 grams-150 kilograms-Trafficking with Mandatory 15 years;
- 150 kilograms or more-Life in Prison.

This analysis applies to all controlled substances including marijuana, and prescription drugs. It doesn’t matter if you intended to sell the cocaine, if you smuggled it from Mexico or purchased it right down the street, simply possessing it is all that requires a trafficking charge.

Due to the serious penalties associated with Trafficking you need to have an experienced local attorney to help you. Most trafficking cases involve undercover officers or confidential informants (people with their own charges working with police to get a better deal). Experienced attorneys who know the local police and their tactics will be able to poke holes in the state’s case and prevent you from serving a lengthy prison sentence.

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