Driving While License Suspension

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If you have been arrested or cited for the criminal offense of Driving While License Suspended, the State of Florida must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that while you were driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle your driving privileges were suspended and you had knowledge of this suspension.

There are numerous reasons in the State of Florida one can have their license suspended. Some of these reasons are; non-payment of tickets, non-payment of child support, conviction for DUI or drug charges, and non-payment of judicial judgments.

Once your license is suspended it becomes illegal for you to drive. If you drive while your license is suspended and get caught, you could be facing anywhere from a fine to possible incarceration. In addition if you get multiple driving while license suspended charges you could be classified as a habitual traffic offender. At that point you will be facing prison time for any future violations, and not be able to get a license of several years. It is important to have an experienced local attorney to help you in these matters. I can both assist you in the criminal charges and potentially help you navigate the complicated department of motor vehicle process to get your license reinstated.

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