Crimes Against Property

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Property crimes include theft, criminal mischief and animal abuse. Theft crimes can range from shoplifting to embezzlement and scheme to defraud.

Punishments can range from diversion programs with theft counselling to lengthy prison sentences, depending on the amount taken and the complexity of the theft.

Criminal mischief is damaging property that does not belong to you. It can be as serious as purposely destroying someone’s house to as simple as egging a car or graffiti. Once again it is important to have a local experienced attorney to defend your case and/or seek alternative resolutions.

Criminal Law


Drug Charges

Drug charges remain one of the most common crimes or our time. Due to the numerous local, state and federal laws regulating controlled substances, countless numbers of people have been arrested and charged with narcotic crimes.


Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking can be a confusing charge for many people to understand. According to Florida Statutes a trafficking charge is simply based on the weight of the controlled substance.


Family Law

Divorce? Child custody? Child support? Injunctions? We Can Help. Family law matters can be the most stressful and emotional experience in people's lives.

Defending Your Investment

Business Law

Touble collecting from a client? Dispute with a partner? I have extensive experience guiding business owners through difficult times.

Protecting Your Rights

Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges? Been arrested? Worried about a possible investigation? Coyne Law can help. Attorney Whitney Coyne is experienced with all criminal matters.

Fighting for You

Traffic Citations

One of the most common interactions people have with law enforcement is the traffic ticket. These include speeding, running a red light, careless driving causing an accident and more.